5000 hours in Bali

One non-blonde

I’ve cut off all my hair and gone back to my natural colour. Shock horror, I don’t really feel any different. Should I?

I’ve been dying my hair for over 20 years. It’s been every possible shade of blonde imaginable  – ash, platinum, icy, opalescent, silver, rose gold, strawberry, champagne, honey, I could go on.  There was also a fiery red phase. It’s been fun, and I do like a change.

They say your hair can speak for you, even when you don’t say a thing. Really?

Throughout time a hairstyle has been used to identify social class, gender, religious and political beliefs. A symbol of wealth, health and femininity. But in today’s world do people really still judge you on your chosen colour, length and style and more importantly can it affect how you feel and perceive yourself?

What will I find underneath?

I guess you could class my latest style as drastic.  Usually considered one for the very brave. Often signalling the end of a relationship or a personal transformation. So, crop that hair, push that reset button and just watch everything fall into place. Ta’da.

Back in the real world.

I’m under no illusion that cropping my hair will cut out fear and years of damage (not just the hair).

I’m hoping it’ll save me a bit of time on daily styling and a shit load of money whilst I’m on a budget.

I don’t feel any braver, more intelligent or less fun.

I do have to glance twice when I catch myself in the mirror but that’s maybe the shock of seeing myself with no makeup.

Sun, sweat, mopeds, perfect hair and makeup don’t really mix so I might as well embrace the natural look – I’ve got nothing left to hide behind.

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